African Continent Mining Support Group of companies executive compliment combines strong academic and business qualifications with experience at the highest level within uniquely African markets. The resultant powerful mix of skills has underpinned the ACMS group of companies swift growth Into an internationally recognized service company.


African Continent Mining Support exists to service the needs of all industrial related operations worldwide. We create value by ensuring our services and products are available for use as and when required. We are committed and compassionate about undertaking our work safely to world standards whilst causing minimal environmental impact. We strive to use our expertise and knowledge to drive a process of continuous improvement to benefit our own as well as the clients overall performance. Safety, product quality and client satisfaction is paramount.


Blue Sky International skills development & Labour Supply

  • Specialize in supply of wide range of skills related to mining and industrial operations.
  • Short term contracts as well as permanent appointments.
  • Large data base of highly skilled and reviewed candidates.
  • Formal training programs in all engineering disciplines.

Procurement International

  • Supply of all mining and industrial related products

Phalaborwa Fire & General International

  • Supply and manufacture of ambulances and fire tenders for mining operations
  • Specialise in the manufacture and installation of fixed fire sprinkler systems
  • Supply and installation of fire detection systems
  • Supply and installation of fire protection systems
  • Supply and installation of fire suppression systems
  • Supply and installation of all fire related products i.e. Fire extinguishers, hose reels and fire products
  • Design of fixed fire installations and fire suppression systems i.e. CO2 installations and design, NAF Installations and design
  • Surveys on mines to determine their needs for specific fire systems and products according to the risks involved and their need for protection managing these projects from start to finish.
Tel: 015 781 2101
Fax: 086 518 8620
email: info@africancms.com
Physical address: 34 Nelson Mandela Drive, Phalaborwa, South Africa.